Reddit ‘Super Sleuths’ Spot Suspicious Bottle In Video Of Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evan’s Car Accident

jenelle car accident

Former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans was recording a video when she suddenly was involved in a car accident.  Her husband, David was driving and their daughter, Ensley was in the backseat. The car jerked quickly and Jenelle’s phone went flying out of her hands.

She could be heard saying: “Oh my god!”

Luckily everyone was okay, but it turns out the accident was David’s fault, as he readily admitted in the video. He can be heard saying: “My fault!”

Jenelle took to social media the next day to further explain what happened.

“Yesterday was the most chaotic day for me ever… It was just a little fender bender.”

She showed pictures of their vehicle, as well as the car of the people that they hit.

Here’s their truck:

jenelle car

Here’s the other car:

other car

She let fans know that both parties involved have insurance and that it was David’s fault.  She said that the girl driving the other car was “pissed” at first that they hit her car, and then her husband showed up and was “cool” and actually offered them tattoos (apparently he’s a tattoo artist).

Sounds like the whole incident was no big deal.

But of course the ‘Super Sleuths’ of Reddit have found some drama in the whole thing.

So here it goes:

Notice that earlier in the video, while Jenelle and fam were checking out at Walmart, they purchased Modelo beer, and some Landshark.

Jenelle buying beer

While during the accident, which was on the way home from shopping, Jenelle dropped the camera and there’s a quick glance on an open bottle of Modelo in the cup holder.

So of course people are assuming that Jenelle and David were drinking the beer they had just bought at Walmart while driving.

beer in car

Upon further inspection, the sleuths discovered that it seems to be on Jenelle’s side of the car.

At least it was on Jenelle’s side and not David’s since he was driving.

Although, of course it was noted that driving with an open container is illegal.

Fans also noted that while the pair were in Walmart, David was open carrying a pistol in a holster.  So of course a lot of people had things ton say about that.

This pair brings drama wherever they go!

David and Jenelle