‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Will Likely Be Returning To The Series, New Proof Suggests

Jenelle Evans hasn’t filmed for the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and it’s unlikely we’ll even see her during the season’s air time.


The brand new season 10 of the series will reportedly be without Jenelle, as her role was fulfilled by another ‘Teen Mom’ star, Jade Cline.

As a side note, Jenelle and David were fired by the network due to the controversial incident regarding their family dog.

“This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do,” Jenelle’s husband David confirmed in an interview.

Entering the world of business


Jenelle and David do not seem to be missing ‘Teen Mom’ very much so, as they’ve both entered the world of business.

David with his DIY workshop and Jenelle with her line of cosmetics. Even though she is no longer a part of the series, Jenelle is still being followed by as much as 2.9 million people on social media, primarily Instagram.

David’s Instagram following sits at almost 400,000 people at the moment.

Will Jenelle ever return to ‘Teen Mom 2?’

David Eason is officially out of the picture but his wife Jenelle still might have a chance to jump on board again.

It’s still unclear if MTV (Viacom) really fired Jenelle permanently or if they’re waiting for things to ‘settle down.’

The stars of ‘Teen Mom’ were appointed to New York just in time for the annual reunion.


Reportedly, there was no sight of Jenelle or her husband at the reunion. Despite not being a part of the annual gathering, Jenelle was still in New York, mainly promoting her cosmetics line.Besides that, she reportedly went to a meeting with an MTV representative.

The 27-year-old mom is now on the sidelines waiting for something interesting to happen. While that by itself might not sound like much, it’s certainly a possibility since Jenelle recently revealed that she’s still under contract.

“…no doors have been closed,” Evans revealed.

In addition to that, she didn’t update her social media bio which still hints at her being a part of the series, ‘Teen Mom 2 on MTV,’ her bio reads.