‘Teen Mom’ Stars Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes And We’re Gushing

Exposing your whole life to the world can be super difficult, but it definitely comes with some perks!   

Whether it’s a brand new car, a home, or an expensive vacation, the girls have certainly earned their fair share by giving us an insight into their lives.

Some things come easier than the others and as the saying goes “you can’t always get what you want.”

The ‘Teen Mom’ stars once confessed to what their secret celebrity crushes are and the list is quite amusing.

Chelsea Houska’s celebrity crush

In a late 2011 interview, Chelsea revealed her secret list of celebrity crushes.
The list consisted of Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Diers Bentley.

While that definitely shows that Chelsea is into Hollywood actors, she didn’t shy away from country singers either (Dierks Bentley).

While the 2011 list definitely had multiple A-listers in it, Chelsea updated her fans in 2014 saying that all she’s trying to do is meet Zac Efron.

The Baywatch star is currently in his 30’s and is yet to ‘put a ring on it.’

On the other hand, Houska also admitted to crushing on the youngest sister of the Kardashian trio, Khloé Kardashian.

Kailyn Lowry’s celebrity crush

While doing the same interview as Chelsea Houska, Kailyn chimed in saying that her celebrity crush is Shia LaBeouf.

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This is the interview:

Shia isn’t Kailyn’s only celeb crush, as she’s recently switched off to crushing on the American rapper that goes by the name “Quavo.”


Jenelle Evans’ celebrity crush

Jenelle hasn’t been featured on MTV’s show in quite a while but that doesn’t mean she’s permanently out of the reality TV spectrum.

The ex ‘Teen Mom’ star revealed that her secret celebrity crush stands out to be the English actor Charlie Hunnam.

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Catelynn Lowell’s celebrity crush

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star revealed her celebrity crush in a social media Q&A, saying that it’s Adam Levine.

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Farrah Abraham’s celebrity crush

Although she’s a celebrity herself, that wasn’t always the case. A few years back, Farrah revealed that her celebrity crush is Olly Murs, an English singer.