Teen Mom Fans Are Very Worried About Jenelle Evan’s Health

jenelle hairline change

Teen Mom fans are worried about Jenelle Evan’s health. They have been commenting for a couple years now that Jenelle is losing her hair and her hairline is receding. Some fans are trolling, but some are genuinely worried for her health.

You can definitely see that her hairline has changed.

jenelle hairline

Especially when its pulled back, and away from her face.

jenelle bad hairline

Fans have many theories as to why Jenelle is losing her hair.

Fans first started noticing it thinning  around her face a couple of years ago. Some are speculating that it got worse around the time she started dating her now husband, David Eason. Maybe his lifestyle choices influencing hers and affecting her health?  Fans call his lifestyle “Swamp Life”.

Some think its continued drug use, maybe even currently.

Jenelle on drugs coments

Some think it was her long term use of hair extensions.

jenelle hair extension comments

Some think its a poor diet and malnutrition.

Jenelle diet

Some think maybe its stress related.  Jenelle has had a pretty stressful few years with lots of drama.

Jenelle hair loss

And some think its a more serious health undiagnosed health condition causing her hair loss.

Jenelle sick

And some Teen Mom fans are just plain mean.  Like savagely mean…

Jenelle trolls

Whatever is going on with Jenelle, hopefully she is healthy and somewhat happy.