Teen Mom Fans Can’t Stop Talking About How Terrible Jenelle Evans’ New Podcast Is

JEnelle podcast with David

So we all know that Teen Mom star Jenelle Evan’s has started her own podcast. She finally has recorded a second episode and its even worse than the first one.

Jenelle told fans that she had a special guest before the episode was released. It turns out her special guest was none other than her “best friend” and husband, David Eason.

The two recorded the podcast while sitting in their bed.

Jenelle evans podcast intro

At least this time she spell-checked her intro and didn’t call it a “Pocast”.

Here’s a little rundown of how it went:

The two began the podcast by talking about the kids, and how everything is so great.

They mention that the kids are still on summer vacation but that Jenelle’s son, Kaiser is in year round schooling and he doing much better. Apparently he was having some issues last school year and they ended up having to pick him up from school almost every other day.

Jenelle actually giggles a little bit when she tells listeners that the school almost suspended Kaiser last year for his behavior.

Jenelle and KAsier at school

The pair then decide they should talk about some hot topics right now.

First up on their agenda is Britney Spears.

Jenelle tells listeners that she feels like what Britney is going through is crazy and unfair and David agrees and says Brit should have her freedom.

Jenelle says she can somewhat relate to Britney’s experience in that she knows how it feels to have someone keep her kids from her.

You might remember that Jenelle is pretty angry right now that her mother took her son, Jace to get a COVID vaccination without her consent or opinion.

They then talk about how they don’t have real internet at their home.

JEnelle and David home

They have to use a cell phone hot spot to connect their electronics to the internet. Jenelle says this is why she can’t “game” and hints at that’s also why she can’t stream.

The next big topic they discuss is Morgan Wallen. 

You might remember that Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-star, Chelsea Houska recently got into some hot water with fans after hanging out with Wallen’s baby mama at her big 30th birthday bash.

Chelsea friend

Wallen was “cancelled” after he was recorded making a slew of racist comments and profanities.

Jenelle and David discuss whether or not Wallen should have been “cancelled”. They seem to agree that it was a mistake but they are still fans of his. David seems pretty confident that Wallen is working on himself and focusing on his family right now, but he also feels that Wallen didn’t do anything wrong because David calls his friends profanities all the time but he doesn’t mean anything by it.

The next topic they tackle is Sha’Carri Richardson.

She’Carri Richardson was left off the Olympic roster after testing positive for marijuana use.

We all know how Jenelle feels about marijuana. She’s a fan obviously.

JEnelle likes pot

They of course see nothing wrong with marijuana use and David believes if athletes can use other enhancements then they should be able to enjoy some marijuana here and there.

This leads off to them discussing energy drinks and how they should actually be illegal for the Olympics because they are so bad for you.

David concludes that artificial sweeteners cause cancer, but he then he doesn’t know what aspartame is, which is obviously the most common artificial sweetener. David can’t even pronounce aspartame.

They then discuss Tik Tok.

Jenelle tells listeners how she is having a lot of fun on Tik Tok and that it has been a great source of extra income for her. She thinks the people are really nice and supportive on Tik Tok, but not other social media. David says that Jenelle works hard and deserves a raise.

Moving on to “Witch Talk”

Jenelle tells listeners she sometimes comes across “witch talks” on Tik Tok and people who do “Tarrot” (Say it like Carrot) cards.  David says he avoids all that stuff because its evil and its definitely witchcraft.  But then he says his mom does tarot cards but that will never be allowed in his house. The two then discuss evil spirits for a while. Super interesting stuff… yawn.

Now on to the “She Shed”

Jenelle apparently has a ‘She shed” that she wanted to do her podcast in, but apparently David accidentally cut the line to the shed, but they are getting it fixed and plan to do podcasts out there in the future.

The rest of the podcast is pretty random stuff that doesn’t have to do with anything in particular.