Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Her Unknown Sister

Everyone knows about Jenelle and her mom, Barb.  We even know about Barb’s boyfriends who we met on the show.  What we didn’t know was that Jenelle has a sister that no one ever sees on the show.  Recently a fan asked her about her sister on Tik Tok and Jenelle gave us some insight into her unknown sister and their relationship.

Tik tok

The Tik Tok fan wrote

what happened to your sister

why don’t you talk abt her or why she’s never in your videos just curious

After being asked Jenelle gave a sarcastic “Ha ha” and then began to explain.

She told fans:

About her… Me and her didn’t have the best relationship growing up.  She had her own friends, I had my own friends.  When we moved to North Carolina things changed.  She got into a gothic phase, and I was high school cheerleader. We definitely didn’t get along then because it seems like she was jealous over me.

Later on in life, I ended up on this show and things only got worse from there.  She um has, mental health issues.  She sold me out to the tabloids making up stories that aren’t even true.

When something goes bad in my life, that’s the only time that she will comment on my life.

So, hope she’s doing well but its better if I cut her off.


Fans of course had a lot to comment about the video.  Some said that she’s just jealous of her sister because her sister actually got her son back from their mom, Barb.  Other’s had comments about Jenelle being a hypocrite about her sister’s mental health issues, saying “Pot, meet Kettle”.


Other’s wondered what her sister could have possibly said to make Jenelle look any worse than she makes herself look.  Valid point, friend.  Many stuck up for  her sister wondering how she is so jealous when we literally know nothing about her.  Its not like she’s craving the media attention.


In any case, at least now we know more about Jenelle’s relationship with her sister, even if its just her side of the story.

See the video for yourself


Answer to @queenbtxh Wow, yeah if you didn’t know… I do have a sister. 😅🙄 #Childhood #Siblings #Sisters

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