Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Claims Co-Stars Asked Her To Legally Represent Them

Farrah a lawyer

Former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham has had a lot of career aspirations in the past. From Teen Mom star, to adult entertainment star, to political aspirations, and now a legal career.

Farrah recently made some low key news for burning her Harvard sweatshirt after claiming that her professors were “sexist bullies” and that she had suffered “educational abuse”.

She claimed:

“Harvard is pathetic and is educationally abusive to students.”

She took to Tik Tok to document the whole process as she used a blow torch to set the shirt aflame.

farrah burns shirt
Tik Tok

Apparently after her shirt burning stance, she claims that many friends, and even former Teen Mom castmates are getting in touch with her and asking her to “represent” them. It’s been so intense that she’s now considering attending law school, and apparently she claims that Yale has reached out to her to attend there.

Farrah A
Tik Tok

She said:

“My friends keep asking. Teen Mom cast members keep asking if I could represent them.”

“I feel fortunate. I work with a lot of public figures.”

 “Law forms are coming up. So many options to schools. Yale has reached out.”

Looks like Farrah is planning total world domination, one career at a time!