Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Accused Of Harassing Avid Teen Mom Redditor

Jenelle denies bullying

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is always surrounded by drama and lots of social media scrutiny, but this time it seems as though she couldn’t handle it any longer.  An avid Teen Mom Reddit commenter on a Reddit topic called “TeenMomOGandTeenMom2” posted that he or she was harassed by Teen Mom2 star that shall remained unnamed, even though they apparently left their identifying information on some screen shots they shared.

The Redditor who is know is known for making Teen Mom parody videos was shocked when contacted by, who she believes is Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle yelling

The title of the post was:

“I was threatened by a cast member today.

See the post from the Redditor warning other Redditors about the interaction, its a little lengthy but worth the read.

“Exactly what the title says. All I want to say is I can confidently say that cast members DEFINITELY lurk here. I have made my fair share of parody TM videos but I’m one of the more tame commenters when it comes to most of the cast. I also never contact cast or engage with them. I’ve always thought this sub can get a little wild at times and carried away with “going real life”. That’s too much for me.”

“Well, today I randomly received a bunch of comments and messages on my account. The first of them calling me an ugly c*nt, followed by messages claiming they have saved photos of me and will be “sharing them to many groups”. At first I was like wtf is going on?! Well then this idiot sent me screenshots that they took of my photos/Reddit account/comment history…and lo and behold they didn’t crop their screenshot and guess who including their identifying information? I’m not going to name names, but wow.”

The Redditor comment continued:

Jenelle and David

My jaw has DROPPED to the floor that this interaction even happened. After a slew of comments on all of my old posts, mostly incoherent ramblings telling me I should never talk about people’s golden doodles again and how I’m an “ugly little c*nt that will pay” (for what I do not know) the account was deleted. I still have the screenshots and proof. I’m going to put my phone down for the rest of the night and take a break from Reddit. Just wanted to let all of you lovely people know that cast members definitely are lurking around here. And are very unhinged. So watch out?

There were many comments left under the post before it was locked by the admin and moderators to be investigated.

Many of the comments said that Jenelle had been known to do this type of thing in the past.

One said:

“Jenelle has done this many times to twitter hatters, so welcome to the club.”

Another chimed in:

“Jenelle has done this to numerous people and even posted about doing it on her Twitter. A few years back she stalked a reddit user then posted a pic of them and their husband on twitter and gave out all their personal info.”

Also, in case you don’t remember, Jenelle was arrested for Cyber Stalking in the past. (See mugshot below)

Jenelle mugshot

Jenelle Took to Instagram to address the claims.

She posted a video in her stories and said:

“Rumor alert! So you guys are tagging me in um some people’s post, a Teen Mom chatter account, and they’re claiming n Reddit I guess that I’m randomly messaging fans back because they made a bad comment about my dog.”

“Um, nope! I would never just randomly message somebody I don’t know and threaten them that they’re gonna pay!?”

“Because they made a comment about my dog?! Come on! Are we in f*ckin’ high school right now!?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know if this is a true story or not but its not about me.”

Jenelle denies

Well fans aren’t buying it.

“Lol ‘I would never do that” says the woman who has been charged with cyberstalking and harassment multiple times.” Said one fan on Reddit.

Another commented:

“She would never! Jenelle only makes negative Yelp reviews for places she has never been because she doesn’t like the person working there. And leaks people’s nudes when given the opportunity. And cyber stalks people. And follows and pulls guns on people who cut her off on the highway. And throws glasses of homemade ice water at people. And tows people’s trucks because she and her huzbin felt like it. And wishes death on soldiers. And tweets about her exes being molested, etc.… But she would NEVER make threats to strangers on the internet.”

Looks like the jury is out on this one, guys.