Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Can’t Work Anymore Because Of This Reason

jenelle at drs

After a slew of random health issues, Jenelle Evans is now claiming that she is completely unable to work. Fans have long been wondering if its all for attention or if something is actually going on.

Jenelle took to her YouTube channel to tell the world that she can’t physically work anymore.

JEnelle cant work

In the video she is wearing a fluffy pink hoodie and she tells fans:

“I go in and out of nauseousness, I go in and out of like anxiety, I feel like I have heart palpitations. I don’t know what’s going on with me, its taking everything in my power just to like edit videos and like look at the computer screen and then its like I have to lay back down.”

In the past, Jenelle has posted about having severe neck and back pain. She often travels to see doctors in Durham, NC at Duke University for care, as she says the doctors nearer to her aren’t sure what’s wrong with her.

jenelle health update

She told fans:

“Nobody knows what’s going on”

And that she’s being “juggled around from doctor to doctor.” 

Jenelle also told fans recently that she has a cyst in her head and in her spine.  She thinks these may be the reason for health issues.

Fans have been wondering if Jenelle’s health scares are just for attention, since she seems to be fine enough to drink and twerk all over her social media.

jenelle with corona
Tik Tok

These are some of their comments:

“To be fair, I too often feel I “can’t” work after day drinking at the pool 😂”

Don’t video yourself drinking ALL DAY, dancing by your shitty pool and follow it up with “I can’t work.””

“What she really needs is a therapist.”

Jenelle booty

Hopefully Jenelle starts feeling better and can continue to entertain us with her crazy antics for years to come.