Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans’ Kids Have Completely Destroyed Her House


We all know kids like to make messes and sometimes leave a trail of destruction behind them. Most parents would reprimand their children and make them clean it up. Not Jenelle Evans and David Eason. They let their kids go wild and then show the whole world the results.

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason took to Tik Tik recently for the sole purpose of showing the world how they have let their children destroy the walls and furniture in their home by drawing and coloring all over everything.

JEnelle drawings on wall
Tik tok

David captioned the video:

“Yea our house is ruined…time to paint!”

In the video David sounds like he is doing a voice over for a late night infomercial. He says:

“Are you like me? Do you have some future artists living in your home and they are practicing all over your walls?

“And not only are they practicing art, they are also practicing finger painting with mud.”

Seriously?! Mud is smeared on the wall…

mud smear
Tik tok

“Its just all in good fun, its all fun to them apparently. But you know what? This is the start of something really great.”

jenelles house
Tik tok

He then pans the camera over some coloring on some white furniture and says sarcastically:

“If they can do this, they can do anything”

He also shows what appears to be their daughter Ensley’s white bed and says:

“This bed was beautiful before, but now its even more beautiful.”

ensleys bed
Tik tok

As he pans the camera through the room, we can see that even the décor in the room is destroyed. There is a “Sweet Baby” sign above Ensley’s bed that is broken in half.

Next, he goes through the hallway which is covered in different colored markers all over the walls, even on the door frames and doors.

He heads into Kaiser’s room an you can see a shark picture pretty high above Kaiser’s bed that has marker all over it.

kaiser's room
Tik tok

Even the window sills in the room are colored all over.

Later in the video David says:

“Now I wouldn’t dare take any of this off, and even if I did I would have to spend a fortune in magic erasers.”

He then shows an upstairs bathroom that has ink stamps from Jenelle’s failed cosmetics line all over the walls along with a ton more drawings on the walls.

Jenelle bathroom
Tik tok

Fans are really wondering what the heck is going on in the Eason’s home and why they let it get this bad. Most are wondering why they aren’t doing a better job watching their kids.

Here’s some of the comments they are leaving:

“Here’s and idea, try actually watching your kids”

“Tell them don’t draw on the walls.  Learn to parent.”

“Wow I wouldn’t’ let my kids draw anymore if they did this to my house.”

“I get that kids draw on the wall, but this is not normal and not funny. They are clearly unsupervised.”

It looks like the kids have been drawing on the walls and around the house for a long time. There is way too much “art work” for this to be a random thing happening. Looks like Jenelle and David need to better supervise their kids or maybe hire someone to help watch them. If they are doing things like this, I can only imagine what other things they are getting into.