Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans’ New Podcast Gets Really Terrible Reviews

jenelle new podcast

Some of the Teen Mom stars have gone on to other forms of entertainment such as podcasts. Some have been successful at this, but its pretty clear Jenelle Evans is not going to be joining that club anytime soon.

Jenelle recently launched a teaser of the first episode of her own podcast and it didn’t go over well with fans.

Check out the overview of what went down on the podcast below:

The podcast begins with a title coming up as “The Jenelle Evans Pocast”, yes that’s right, not a typo there on my part. She actually wrote “Pocast“.  Where’s the “d” Jenelle?

jenelle podcast

She starts the podcast with a big and cheery, “Hello everyone!”. She is wearing a big fluffy brown ensemble that resembles a big piece of poop. And the background of her podcast leaves much to be desired. She has a dresser in the background that has PS4 sitting on it with about and inch layer of dust on top of it.

She then tells fans why she decided to start the podcast. She says that she wants to better connect with fans and share her life experiences. It doesn’t seem like she’s speaking from her heart, it just seems like she is reading from something because she has no idea what to say.


Then she moves on to the actual episode. This one is apparently going to be about her biological father and his role in her life. She aptly titles it “Daddy Issues“. She tells fans that he and her mother Barb, were married and together until she was 4. The family lived in Pennsylvania.

jenelle as a kid

She then tells a story that’s supposed to be funny and in “Barb fashion”. Apparently Barb went out for the night and hired a babysitter and when she returned, Jenelle’s dad was gone and her mom waited up for him but he never came home. Barb apparently went outside in the morning and her husband was passed out drunk next to a big pile of leaves and she covered him with the leaves and left him there. Okay, that’s kind of funny and I can totally picture Barb doing that and walking away.

barb evans

She then tells fans that when her mother and father divorced that he moved in with his mother. Jenelle had some visitation with him from time to time but the whole relationship and situation was pretty chaotic. Her mother and father fought and argued all the time and at times it became physical and there was some domestic abuse involved.

Jenelle then told fans that she never really knew why her dad left, but that her mother always told her it was because he of his drinking issues and cocaine use. This leads me to wonder why the heck Jenelle would ever even touch the stuff since she knew her father had a major issue with it.

Jenelle then tells fans that she actually doesn’t remember a lot about the time but that maybe its for the best.

Barb and the kids then moved to North Carolina and they all stopped talking to their dad. She then says that she has two step brothers but that she wont get into that now. Must be her dad had some more kids. She then does a quick shoutout to her book she wrote and tells fans to read more about her childhood there. The book is apparently sold on Amazon and your gonna have to buy it if you are dying to know more about Jenelle’s childhood. She also said she did talk about her dad before on a Tik Tok video if you’re interested.

jenelle evans book

She also told fans that once a girl messaged her and said that her mother (the girl’s mother) went to the bar with Jenelle’s dad. Jenelle then followed the girl on Tik Tok so she could get some more info and the girl eventually told her that she would talk to her mom and get more info about what bar they are going to and what Jenelle’s dad has said about Jenelle. Apparently Jenelle wanted to know if her dad is saying nice or mean things about her. She also had questions about what her dad thinks about her being on television and how he perceives her family now.

The girl reported back to Jenelle a few days later and told her that her dad is at the bar like every other night and that whenever her mom bring up Jenelle that Jenelle’s dad adamantly says that he wont talk about his daughter.

Jenelle thinks that this is really respectful of him to not talk about her or their past. She also likes that he doesn’t try to use her fame to his benefit. She then talked crap about her mom and that her mom is so easy to sell her out and talk bad about her and “be two faced” and compared that to her dad who always has her back and doesn’t talk about her (even though he abandoned her as a child).

jenelle evans

Jenelle then says that she feels like a lot of fans can relate to her and her daddy issues and she then starts to sound sympathetic to her dad and says that she understands and that “parenting is hard”. She even says that she feels like her mom was very petty about the situation when she was growing up and that she didn’t give her dad a fair chance to be a dad.

Jenelle then reveals that she and David had a few drinks when they were in LA and reached out to her dad. Apparently her dads current wife answered the phone and was a little abrupt and said “What do you want?!” and Jenelle said who she was and asked to speak to her dad and the wife put him on the phone.

When he got on the phone Jenelle said that he sounded really drunk, so she paused for a second and then hung up the phone. She said that part of the reason she hung up was because at the time she was still being filmed by MTV and she decided it was better to do it on her own private time.

She ends the podcast talking about how she wants to share that part of her life more with her husband, David and take him back to Pennsylvania where she grew up someday since he has shared where he grew up with her.

jenelle and david

So overall the podcast wasn’t unbearable but fans have some things to say:

“So is Jenelle just gonna be talking to herself about herself because that’s just about the lamest podcasting ever. Even Kai’ls isn’t that bad.”

“This is gold but I’m having trouble getting past The Jenelle Evans Pocast”

“I got to Jenelle saying she was going to give out relationship and parenting advice and couldn’t read any more 😂”

Some of the comments are just sad:

“Only Jenelle Evans could turn her dad completely abandoning her into a sign that he ‘has her back’ simply because he doesn’t give enough of a shit about her to talk about her to anyone.”

“She takes neglect as love which is exactly what she does to her children. And the cycle continues.”

“Wow. This is going to be a dark podcast where we’re all going to just sit there wide eyed wishing she’d go tell this stuff to a therapist.”

Looks like only time will tell if this podcast will last, but it does seem like Jenelle will never run out of dramatic material to talk about.