Teen Mom Amber Portwood Shamed By Fans For Controversial New Merch

amber portwood line

Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood has a new business venture and fans are not too happy about it.  The star took to social media recently to promote her new called “Portwood AF”.

Amber portwood

She revealed the new venture by posting to Instagram.

In the post, she can be seen wearing a black hoodie with the text, “Portwood AF” across the chest.

The post was captioned:

“Hello Beautiful Souls! Today is the day! 💕✨🛍 I am so excited and proud to share #PORTWOODAF with you all , and so happy to share a piece of me with you 😍☺️ Shop the link in my bio loves!”

Amber new merch

Fans were not happy as they looked through her merchandise.

Many feel that she was making light and joking about her domestic violence history especially since she had some merchandise saying “I’m going to Portwood you’re a**.” Fans felt the line was a really tone deaf move by Amber.

You might remember that Amber has a long history of domestic violence.  We first saw her get physical with ex/baby daddy Gary Shirley back in the beginning of Teen Mom.  Most recently she was charged for attacking her ex/baby daddy, Andrew Glennon with a machete while he was holding their infant son.

Amber bad merch

Fans took to the comments to express their feelings about the line.

One said:

“A little tone deaf given her criminal/civil proceedings. I’d be pissed if I was her lawyer lol.”

Another added:

“Are the profits going to domestic violence shelters or to help single parents who have custody of their kids? Heck even to Gary? …. Cause then the answer is NO!!! AF”

Another even added that Amber’s daughter, Leah is probably even more embarrassed by Amber now.

“I’m going to portwood you’re a**. Seriously? Machete springs to mind. I’m sure Leah isn’t embarrassed by this at all..”

Fans were also pretty concerned about a t-shirt that said “Fighter for Life”.

Amber fighter

One said:

 “A domestic abuser putting out a shirt that says fighter for life. Oh, good idea.”

Fans were also not happy about the price of items in the line.

One commented:

“Are people seriously buying this? No offense, but It’s a little pricey for a hoodie with your last name on it imo  portwood your a**? What? Im confused.”

The cheapest item in her new line is the Zen AF coffee mug that costs $18, while the two hoodies cost a whopping $55 each.

Amber merch