Chelsea Houska Gives All-in On Her Cutest Mom Fail Ever

‘Teen Mom’ isn’t just a show to celebrate parents #winning, it’s also a show about failing, learning, and moving on.

Many of the moms struggled at the beginning, as we could all see when ’16 & Pregnant’ premiered on MTV,


Chelsea Houska is considered to be one of the ‘perfect’ moms, but even she makes mistakes.

Chelsea’s spray tan fail

A few years back (2017), Chelsea tweeted out: “Fresh spray tan + drooling baby = disaster.”


She was obviously referring to her newborn baby boy, Watson, which at the time was just a baby.

Chelsea’s second ‘mom fail’ is even more ridiculous!


“Starting this morning off with a mom fail. Totally slept through my alarm and Aubree is late for school. Is it summer vacation yet?!???”

Chelsea is a full-time mommy

Ever since giving birth to baby Watson, Chelsea is a full-time mommy. It was her decision to stay at home and look out for the kids.

Now that the family is bigger than ever, Chelsea has little to no time for business activities, so she decided to become a ‘mommy’ entrepreneur/stay-at-home mom.

As for her job, she is a licensed aesthetician and was working prior to having her second child.


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Well…1 nice one of me and my girls and 1 attempt at a nice family photo 😅

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Baby Layne’s arrival meant even more responsibilities, so it’s safe to assume that Chelsea isn’t going to come back to her daily work routine anytime soon.

As a reminder, Chelsea’s husband, Cole, works as a traffic control specialist in South Dakota, making anywhere from $28,000 to $55,000 per year.