Check Out Chelsea Houska’s Over The Top Bedroom Closet

chelsea and cole

Chelsea and her husband, Cole, hired a professional organization company to help tidy up their massive North Dakota farmhouse. The company, Orderly Elegance, shared a video of the couples’s closet in their Instagram page and gave fans an glimpse inside.

The company captioned the post:

“What is love you ask? 🤔💭An organized master closet of course! 😏 Imagine walking into your closet knowing exactly where that piece of clothing you are looking for is….dreamy, right? 😍 You’ve all been asking us….so here it is! ✨🤍Check out the before and after of @chelseahouska & @coledeboer master closet!”

The post was set to the song, “What is love?” by the Haddaway.

The video showed a “before” glimpse around the closet.

The closet was filled with clothes, Chelsea’s on one side, and Cole’s on the other.

Chelsea’s side was overfilled with shirts hanging to the ground and clothes thrown haphazardly on some shelving.  She also had tons of her favorite fedoras strewn about on the top shelf of the closet.

chelsea closet

Cole’s side was also full of clothes, but he didn’t have much on top of his shelves like Chelsea did. He had a bunch of shirts hanging and a backpack on the top shelf.

Cole's closet

The video then panned around a completely empty closet showing that they had cleared all everything out. Not a hanger was left.

Empty closet

The video then panned around a beautiful, fully organized closet.

Chelsea’s clothes were all neatly organized by type and size. Her boots were nicely set on shelves and her hats were neatly organized.

chelsea after

Cole’s side of the closet was also nice and organized with his jeans and shorts hanging neatly in the closet.

Cole closet

It’s not the first time the couple have used a professional organizing company.

The company recently took some time to completely organize their kitchen pantry. This revamp included some black containers and cute wicker baskets, along with a fancy wine shelf.