People are Saying these Controversial Kids Books Go Too Far

Bedtime can be a real bummer for both kids and parents.  There’s the ten glasses of water needed, the tucking in, and of course the bedtime stories. Some parents are saying that these books go a little too far and others are saying they are awesome and bring a little humor to bedtime stress because the adult humor goes right over their kids’ heads. Hilarious or hilariously inappropriate, you be the judge!

Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber- Bimisi Tayanita

Brenda has a beaver for a pet and everyone around her notices that her Beaver needs a little maintenance, as its big and bushy.  Even her friends have an intervention and tell her that her Beaver needs a makeover ASAP.  Poor Brenda’s beaver is even compared to her friends’ beavers (one of which is a Brazilian Beaver).  Brenda’s friends give her beaver a makeover on their own with scissors and wax.  After her makeover Brenda is so proud that she shows off her Beaver everywhere she goes!

Put Tony’s Nuts in Your Mouth! – Bimisi Tayanita 

Tony has the best nuts in town! They are hot and salty and people come from near and far to put them in their mouths! Tony’s nuts are enjoyed by all!

Spank the Monkey Lends a Hand- Bimisi Tayanita

When you are bored, along comes Spank the monkey to lend a hand! He’s very entertaining and visits everyone in town. He helps everyone in town get the job done!