Fed Up Fans Want To Cancel Chelsea Houska After Constant ‘Blackfishing”

chelsea blackfish

Chelsea Houska has been accused of “blackfishing” so many times in the past few years, but she continues to make herself darker and darker and fans are fed up with it. So much so that they are calling to cancel her completely.

Chelsea recently did a little eyelash tutorial ad for her fans on Instagram and she looked darker than ever.

Chelsea showed fans all her tricks for applying fake eyelashes from the brand, Blinkifly as she showed off a full face of makeup and had her long dark hair clipped back.

When the video started Chelsea said:

“I am doing my eyelashes, I got one eye on.”

She then leaned into the camera super close as she continued applying.

chelsea houska

She said:

“I still get a lot of questions about these so I thought I’d talk about them again.”

Chelsea continued applying the lashes as she layered them together.

She told fans:

“I do the Blinkifly ones and I’m obsessed. They come with three in a package and you can reuse them. So if you just soak them in rubbing alcohol you can reuse them which is kind of nice cause there’s three in there so one package lasts you a super long time.”

She then excitedly told fans:

“These lashes should last me all week and they’re waterproof, you can shower, do whatever, and one other thing.”

chelsea houska

No one seemed to care that much about the lashes or tutorial, because all that anyone noticed was that Chelsea was about 10 shades darker than her natural skin tone.

Tons of fans took to Reddit to discuss Chelsea’s ever darkening complexion.

One said:

“Chelsea needs to lay off on the spray tan and nasal accessories. Cole looks sad. Not flattering for either of them, imo.”

Another commented:

“Fake tans are so 2009. How does she think that looks natural lol”

Some fans were genuinely concerned about her health.

One commented:

“This is blackfishing and, honestly most white influencers like Chelsea seem to be addicted to tanning to the point where I’m worried it’s body dysmorphia.”

Another added:

“serious question. i was listening to this chemical detox podcast a few days ago that said we absorb like 70% of whatever we put on our skin into our bloodstream. so like all this tanner she uses, can’t that be like really unhealthy? there’s no way that can be good for you. she’s been doing it for half her life now. genuinely concerned.”

It doesn’t look like Chelsea will be giving up her fake orange tan anytime soon, guys.

chelsea with friends