Fans Criticize Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry For Being Hypocrite About Domestic Violence

kail javi lauren

It seems as though Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has once again inserted herself into someone else’s business. She just can’t seem to stay away from the drama. This time, she got herself into the middle of her ex husband Javi Marroquin’s drama with his ex baby mama.

Kail took to an Instagram live video to voice support for her ex husband. She told viewers what she was told had happened, apparently by Javi.

Kail and Javi

She said that Javi’s ex, Lauren had “punched him several times in the face, and kicked him when he was down”.

Kail just seems way too eager to put herself into this drama. She’s like almost excited in the video.

She continues by saying that she called his ex. But why is any of this her business?

“I called her and I did call her a “see you next Tuesday”, I won’t lie, I’m owning it and I don’t feel bad.”

“She then proceeded to call me a “fat f*ck” and a “fat piece of sh*t”, which again is fine because I can lose the weight, you can’t lose a personality trait usually.”

She continued:

“When you are making a pay check off of someone else’s back, and then proceed to act like my ex husband would lie about that… we’ve all done out messes, trust me, we’ve all lied in our lifetime, but I guarantee you, I would be willing to put money on it, Javi would not lie about that happening in front of his son.”

She was referring to Javi’s claim that that his ex, Lauren had punched him and kicked him in front of their two year old son.

She then added Javi to join her live video.

kail and javi drama

When he joined she said:

“I’m just trying to have you’re back here because in this situation I know you’re not a liar.”

Javi then said that he was in the car with the kids, so he wouldn’t say any exact names but that he had heard her live video.

javi marroquin

Kail then said:

“This is just something I know you wouldn’t lie about and I know that we’ve all done some stuff in our lifetime and eve all been very messy over the last several years, but at the end of the day, that’s not a justification for literally getting beat, like you’re beating somebody. It’s not a justification at all and I’m not going to allow it to continue and I’m not gonna allow this to be like she is holier than me, she’s better than me, because her hands are not clean.”

Javi replied:

“She’s got all these people fooled. I mean if we really wanted to we could say more, but there’s no need. I hope people see what she really is. It’s all just a front and we’re gonna leave it at that.”

“I heard you’re story, exactly what you said is exactly what happened.”

javi and lauren

Kail then continued with talking about herself and making everything about herself.

She whined about how she has had to own her sh*t, and that its okay for Lauren to act so “perfect” on Instagram.

She then says that Lauren has “done more dirt than me, and done more dirt than you”.

Then she sounds jealous and claims that when she put her hands on Javi that everyone shamed her, but that people praise Lauren for doing the same thing.

She then goes on to say that she has seen the text messages from Lauren, apparently Javi shares them with her, and that Lauren constantly calls her “Karl”, and constantly says Javi is wrong.

kail whining

Javi then talks about how Lauren has sent him messages “wishing death” on him and telling him to “drive off a bridge”.

It sounds like a whole lot of drama that has nothing to do with Kail.

Fans are really over her being such a hypocrite and sticking her nose in other people’s business though just look at the comments:

“A) you’ve beat Javi too so shut the f*ck up B) you are a fat f*ck C) why are you calling her and inserting yourself when it has nothing to do with you? Mind your fucking business you nasty a**”

“I’m not going to allow this to continue”?? Who the f*ck do you think you are”

“Mind your business Kail. She never knows her place…”

When will she stop thriving on drama?