Farrah Abraham Claims She Is Officially Running For Office

Farrah Abraham is not the most level headed Teen Mom star. It can be said that she is irresponsible, impulsive, and flat out crazy. She is not someone that you would think would make an excellent candidate to hold office in any position, unless that position was for President of a fan club for a sex toy company.  I’m not sure what makes her think she would be a good fit for office, but apparently she thinks she’s got what it takes.


But you better believe none of that will stop her.  She recently took to Twitter to make her future plans known.

farrah for office

She wrote:

I WILL BE RUNNING FOR A GOVERNMENT POSITION AS SOON AS I TURN 30…COUNTDOWN & THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SUPPORTING ME SUPPORTING YOU.  My experiences have lead me to this valuable place that I do not take for granted.

Fans certainly had some mixed responses.  Some wondered about what her responses would be in a debate, others commented on her saying “when I turn 30”  when she clearly looks so much older, and still others thought maybe she had a chance as a Senator.

farrah reddit

Others proposed that many she would usher in a bright new future for America with strippers and vibrators. And some decided that sociopaths (which she clearly is) make the best government officials.  Still others felt bad for her and wondered if she suffered from mental illness or was doing drugs.

Farrah comments

Some users had some interesting things to say about her skills in other areas that might be useful in politics.  No one said she didn’t have some skills…

farrah comments

Who knows, we were all told we can be whatever we want when we grow up, maybe she will make it!

So what do you say, folks?  Does she have your vote?