Farrah Abraham Gives Her Daughter “The Talk” And Says She’s a “Fun” Mom

The “sex talk” is a right of passage in the teen years, but recently Farrah Abraham gave her tween daughter the talk and it doesn’t sound like it went like it does in “normal” families.

Everyone knows that Farrah Abraham lives a super sexualized life, so its no surprise that her birds and bees talk with her daughter wouldn’t follow the typical format. She also has had plenty of other inappropriate parenting moments with Sophia, like the time she hit her in the face with a vibrator, or when she had her wearing a coconut bra and posted it to social media.

farrah and sophia

Farrah recently did an interview in which she discussed having the talk with her 12 year old daughter, Sophia. She claimed that her world has been “speeding up” and that her daughter is currently going through puberty.

If I was Sophia, I’d be pretty embarrassed that my mom is out there telling the world that I’m going through puberty. Although, maybe she is used to being embarrassed by her mom.  Its not like Farrah has been discreet in the past, like ever.

farrah sophia tik tok
Tik Tok

Farrah claimed that she began the talk by discussing pregnancy tests and telling Sophia all about them. Apparently she thought that was a good place to start, ya know, instead of discussing safe sex practices.

She said Sophia needed “to learn, first of all, about pregnancy tests.”

She continued by saying:

“So I needed to let her know stuff because I am all about healthcare. And I am not about shaming.

Young ladies deserve amazing bodies. You want to feel good. You want to feel competent.”

She told the interviewer that she and Sophia had an “amazing” sex talk because it was “fun”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember my coming to age talk being fun. I remember it being awkward AF.

farrah parenting

I can only imagine what Farrah did or said to make her think that this talk with her daughter was “fun”.