Take A Look Inside Maci McKinney’s 3,500 Square-Feet Tennessee Home (New Photos)

Maci has purchased a new house, and it’s absolutely massive! The new home is located in Ooltewah, Tennessee


The fans are used to seeing Maci & her family in a relatively small Tennessee home, which is no longer the case!

Maci & her husband, Taylor, recently upgraded and moved out of their old house.

Her old house was reportedly sold and funds were used to purchase their new 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home in Tennessee.

Old vs New

Back in 2016, Maci uploaded a home tour featuring Bentley and their now-old home.


Although the family’s long gone from the house now, Bentley refers to it as their ‘new home,’ in the 2016 clip.

Bentley’s Home Videos: Touring His House

“Bentley gives you an all-access pass to his home and introduces you to his dogs!”

New Tennessee Home


The McKinney family purchased this enormous estate less than a year ago, in a deal valued over $600,000.

To date, it’s one of the most expensive ‘Teen Mom’ homes purchased.

This Tennessee home is perfectly suited for a soothing atmosphere, as it’s surrounded by mountains and wildlife that comes with it.

Even though the previous house had its charm, this one is absolutely massive & breathtaking!

It features impressive woodwork,
rustic features & granite-covered kitchen counters.


Rest of the house

The rest of the house is equally impressive, as the bedrooms are filled with king-size beds and stunning artwork!

Like the vast majority of the home, the bathroom is rustic-themed and offers two solid choices: a walk-in shower and a jetted tub.


The home has its own private theatre perfect for family gatherings or intimate movie-nights!


As Tennessee is known for its warm summers, the family chose a perfect home as it features a swimming pool in the backyard area!

Unfortunately for us, there’s no Bentley’s home tour this time around, but there’s still some time to make up for it!