Teen Mom Kail Lowry Admits She Had Mental Breakdown After Major Bathroom Issues


During a recent episode her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kail admitted that she’s been having a lot of issues recently. She reveals she had a nervous breakdown a couple weeks ago.


What caused this mental breakdown you might ask? The simple and TMI answer is poop!
Before beginning the convo, Kail warned listeners.

“TMI, if you guys don’t want to listen to poop you don’t want to listen to this part.”

Kail reveals that she recently had to quit taking her medication for PCOS because she literally couldn’t stop going to the bathroom and it was putting a damper on her lifestyle. She stopped taking the drug, metformin because it was causing some serious stomach issues.

Poor Kail said:

 “I literally couldn’t go anywhere without needing a bathroom at all times.”

“It’s an hour drive from where I live to where Lux stays with his dad, and I would pull over two to three times in the hour because I have to go to the bathroom. I can’t live like that.”

She plans on asking her doctor about trying the extended release version of the drug in hopes that it might not have the same side effects for her.


Kail has documented her long battle with PCOS, aka Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome which affects a woman’s hormone levels and periods and can even affect fertility.

She told listeners that she’s been very frustrated by the whole process and dealing with her PCOS.

“Part of it is because I think I expected it to be so much easier to do less carbs when I was on metformin because it doesn’t really mix well with carbs, but that being said, I didn’t realize that everything is essentially a carb, and I need to figure out what my carb tolerance is.

“That’s what I was struggling with. So, that was a struggle a little bit.”

Kail claimed that the poop issues and period issues are what eventually caused her mental breakdown.

“I think part of it was my period coming and not knowing because I hadn’t had it for a month, so I didn’t know when it was coming, and I guess I just – hormones.”

Poor Kail, we hope she finds some relief!