Kailyn Lowry And Ex Called “Scam Artists” After Not Following Through Agreement

KAilyn and JAvi

Kailyn Lowry and her ex husband, Javi are in some hot water after they failed to follow through with a contract with a local small business. Fans are now calling the pair “scam artists”, as the business owner is threatening to sue in small claims court.

A facebook post from a small business owner in Delaware was shared on Reddit.

The title of the Reddit feed was:

“This lady paid $500 to Kail & Javi to have her small biz on their football camp banner for 5 different sessions. They only had 1 session so she asked Javi when there’d be more to get her money’s worth and both he and the guy who originally had the camp are not being the most helpful. Not a good look.”

Javi and Kail lincoln

The Facebook post that was shared read:

“Let me preface, So this is not a bash on Kail whatsoever bc I don’t think [she] has any knowledge. But I signed up [to] sponsor Javi and Kail’s football camp last July. The first date was August 15th, since then they’ve never had another one. I was told there would be up to 5 camps. $500, I have reached out numerous times asking when the next camps are & they don’t know over & over. Finally I asked for my money back & Javi says it’s not his problem, it’s lethal speeds. Lethal speedy says it’s Javi’s problem not his. Neither will take ownership, but they took my money just fine. My next step is probably small claims court bc maybe $500 isn’t a lot to them, but it was a lot to me & my small business. I even told Javi my daughter just had a hip surgery & foot backwards so I was happy & hopeful that this would get the word out & good karma would come her way when she got involved in sports.”

lethal speed poster

The long winded post continued:

“Javi basically told me to go ahead and reach out to my lawyers opposed to just making it right. All I wanted was some dates of what I paid for is going to happen, but now I want my money back. $500 for a shared banner with all these businesses for ONE event is insane. Please SHARE. Next step will be small claims court. I’d prefer not to go there, but I will.”

At the end of the super long Facebook post, the woman shared 2 screenshots that look like they are backing up her claim.

The first one looks to be a screenshot of the first conversation with Javi before she purchased the banner space, saying it would be for up to 5 camps. The second one is the continuation of her conversation with Javi about her daughter’s health issues, and his response.

Here is a look at that Facebook post:

Facebook post

Teen Mom fans didn’t take long to comment on the post with their disappointment in both Kail and Javi.

Some commenters are going as far as calling the pair “scam artists”:

“Small claims for sure. What scam artists”

Another noted that for Javi and Kail, $500 is basically nothing:

“What’s really sad about all of this is the fact that $500 is legit NOTHING for Kail or Javi. Whereas this is a small business owner who told them from the beginning that they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Take ownership and refund them already.”

Hopefully they get this figured out soon, because like the Reddit thread said, it’s “Not a good look”.