Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Met “The One” And Is Talking Wedding Plans

KAilyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry is usually pretty quiet about her private life and who she is dating. But, she recently revealed that she met the love her of life and thats she thinking about marriage with this mystery guy.

During the latest episode of her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kail told her co-host that she has met “the one”.

KAil and lindsie

Kail nonchalantly dropped the news amid a conversation about weddings.

Regarding weddings, Kail said:

“If I ever get married again I’m not having bridesmaids or groomsmen. It’s not a day for anyone else but myself and my husband or partner.”

Her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley said surprised:

“Wait, is the wedding back on the table?”

Notice that she said the, not a. She totally made it sound like Kail was previously engaged to someone and then decided not to go through with it.

Kail replied:

“I would say yes. I wouldn’t have, like, a huge wedding or anything. I feel like I would have a cute, very, very simple ceremony and maybe, like, a dinner afterwards.”

This is where things got really interesting and sudden.

Kail continued the conversation by saying:

“I met the love of my life and I – yeah.”


Despite being besties with Kail, her cohost, Lindsie seemed genuinely shocked by the news too!

She then asked Kail:

“How do you know?”

Kail replied:

“So, it’s crazy because they say when you know, you just know and that’s how I feel. I feel like I’ve known him for a lifetime. Like, I feel like I have known him forever.”

She continued:

“You know how I said when I get engaged or married is when I’ll, like, post them? I’m ready to, like, soft-launch. I’m ready. It just feels like we’ve been best friends forever and now we’re just together.”

She concluded by saying:

“Like, I feel like I’ve known him forever.”

Nobody knows who this mystery man is yet, but Kail did tease that she knows how she will introduce him to the world.

KAilyn Lowry

She told her co host:

“I just want to do it at the right time. I don’t want it to be too premature. I don’t know what this is. I was on and off with someone before this forever and I don’t know.”

She continued:

“I never wanted to post him. I’m excited about it, I feel good about it. It might be impulsive, but … I know what picture it’s gonna be. I made, like, a little reel, like an Instagram Reel, but it just very much looks homemade. Lux took a picture of us – I’m gonna send it to you, and this is the one I’m gonna post.”

She noted: “I just have to edit out his company on his sweatshirt. I just feel like it was a very organic picture.”

Kail then showed Lindsie the photo she was talking about and Lindsie proclaimed: “You guys are totally in love in this photo right now.”

Kail then told listeners that she planned to reveal the mystery man: “Maybe within the next two weeks or so.”

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