Leah Messer Shocks Fans With Weird Cooking Skills

leah avocado

The most recent episode of Teen Mom left fans shocked by a small detail they noticed while Leah was cooking. Fans couldn’t get past the odd way she cut her avocado as she stood and talked in her kitchen.

As Leah discussed how her boyfriend, Jaylan would be moving to her home state of West Virginia soon, she was cutting an avocado. But it wasn’t how most people would could an avocado. Leah had her own unique way to cut it that people thought was pretty weird.

Leah appeared to be slicing up half an avocado on a cutting board with the skin still on.  


Here’s a closer look at her chopping skills. Not your average way to cut an avocado.

She starts off pretty normal by slicing the avocado in half, but then things get weird as she starts slicing away.

LEah cuts weird

Fans were interested to hear about Jaylan moving to West Virginia, but ultimately Leah’s chopping skills stole the spotlight and fans couldn’t help but comment.

One Reddit user said:

“Anybody else notice Leah doesn’t know how to cut up avocado?”

Another said:

“Whoa what the f*ck”

And yet another added:

“I thought I was overreacting when I gasped at that lol. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s super weird.”

Another thought to take the time to tell Leah how most people cut and avocado:

“That’s too much, just cut in half, not while holding in hand under sharp object, and scoop out with a spoon. Don’t look away while holding a knife and cutting towards your hand, pro tip Leah.”

Hopefully Leah will be cooking up some good dinners in her new kitchen in the massive home Jaylan just bought for her.

LEah kitchen

Leah recently shared a video of Jaylan driving a u-haul truck while the couple and Leah’s daughters began moving into their new home.