Inside Leah Messer And Kailyn Lowry’s Messy Feud After Being BFF’s For A Decade

Kailyn Lowry has been mixed up in a few different feuds these past few months, most notably with fellow Teen Mom star, Briana DeJesus. But now Kail appears to be feuding with her former best friend and fellow Teen Mom star, Leah Messer.

Kail and Leah have been friends for over a decade, but have had some ups and down in their relationship here and there.

The friends first met after Kail joined season two of the series, 16 and Pregnant. Sources say they had a pretty immediate connection and friendship.

Their friendship continued into December of 2019, when it was reported that Leah had allegedly joined a cult called, Mastery in Transformational Training. Things got bumpy after Kail, who had joined the group with Leah, began having second thoughts about their involvement in the group.

leah cult

During that time, text messages were leaked between Kail and a fan/friend that discussed Kail’s feelings about the situation.

In the texts, Kail said:

“I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose her as a friend, but I also don’t think any of this is ok.”

She continued:

“Unfortunately those programs target weak people who can be manipulated.”

What really pushed their friendship over the edge was when Kail posted a clickbait article on her social media that claimed Leah’s daughters were “in danger” because of her involvement in the organization.

Leah then struck back at Kail with a post on her social media.

She wrote:

“I’m so grateful to be in a place financially that I don’t have to promote bs degrading articles to make a dollar. Is the money worth that much to you? I choose to use any platform I have to inspire and uplift others, and that’s what I’ll continue to do. Leave my daughter’s positive messages out of your pathetic beliefs. I still love you all. Just do better with the massive platform you’ve been blessed with!”

Things got even worse when Leah didn’t go on their yearly vacation with Kail. The pair had planned to travel to Iceland together.

Kail decided to still take the trip without Leah, but there was some obvious tension.

Kail in Iceland

And then Leah struck back again when she didn’t like Kail’s social media post announcing her pregnancy with her youngest son, Creed.

At the time Leah had posted a cryptic quote saying:

“You have to intentionally cut off your dead ends in order to grow and flourish.”

Last summer the pair seemed to make some miraculous recovery of their friendship when they again went on vacation together with their children to the Dominican Republic.

The friends seemed to be on better terms than ever as they flaunted their fun and friendship all over social media.

LEah and KAil vacay

And then suddenly last week, things took a major turn.

Kail suddenly went on a unfollowing spree on Instagram and she unfollowed Leah in the mix.  She later refollowed some people, but Leah wasn’t included.

When asked by a fan, Kail claimed that she unfollowed everyone because she doesn’t “trust anyone”.

No one is really sure what happened between the former besties, but Leah clapped back at Kail on her Tik Tok.

Leah posted a video of herself rapping “hold up b*tch”, from the song, “Do we have a problem?” by Nicki Minaj.

She included a message with the post, saying:

“When my kindness is taken for weakness…”

Leah tik tok