Leah Messer Is Talking Wedding Plans With Her Boyfriend

Leah and Jaylan

In a sneak peek for next week’s Teen Mom 2 finale episode, Leah Messer can be seen discussing her future plans with her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, specifically whether or not she could see herself marrying him at some point.

In the MTV teaser that aired last night, Leah’s boyfriend, Jaylan can be seen asking Leah what her thoughts are about getting married.

Jaylan Mobley

Right after Jaylan said it, the camera panned to Leah’s face as she looked completely shocked by the proposition of getting married again. The camera quickly cut away before we got to hear Leah’s response.

Some fans think that the couple are already secretly married anyways.

The couple recently did a beachy photo shoot where they were all dressed up and Leah wore an entirely white ensemble, and Jaylan wore a white t-shirt and white blazer. They kissed and played on the beach together lovingly throughout the shoot.

Leah and Jaylan in white

Getting married wouldn’t be too far fetched for the couple, as they have already celebrated holidays together, and have even bought a house to share.

Jaylan spent the holidays with Leah and her girls and seemed to fit right in. He also recently bought a home in Leah’s home state of West Virginia for her, where the couple will live together with Leah’s daughters.

Leah house

Fans have also been speculating for months that Leah is secretly pregnant with the couple’s first child together. 

Every time that Leah posts a photo of herself to social media, fans flock to the comments to speculate about a tiny baby belly in the picture. Although Leah has denied the claims, and is adamant that she is just bloated, fans continue to that Leah is hiding a secret pregnancy.

In a recent interview that the couple did together, Leah can be seen placing her hand on her belly multiple times and fans even believe that she was giving secret hints about the pregnancy.

LEah hand on belly

Only time will tell what’s in store for the future of the couple, but we sure are excited to find out!