Leah Messer’s Daughter is Practically Her Twin and Fans Are Freaking Out

Leah Messer posted a Instagram video and her daughter Aleeah AKA “Gracie” made an appearance in it.  Fans couldn’t help but notice that she looks identical to a young Leah from the 16 and Pregnant era.

Leah messner young

The video started with Leah saying that she was dealing with some anxiety “low key freaking out” because she isn’t ready for something, presumably her trip for the Teen Mom reunion show.

Then we see Aleeah walk by behind Leah and she pulls Aleeah into the conversation by saying how she “gets it”,  but she calls her “Gracie” as she usually does and has throughout the Teen Mom series.

leah and daughter

Aleeah then responds

“Don’t call me Gracie!”

To which Leah of course says “Why?” and Aleeah tells her”

“Because every time someone comes up to me, they’re like “Are you Grace from Teen Mom? And I’m like No, I’m Aleeah!”

Leah says, “So you don’t want to be called Gracie anymore?”

And Aleeah responds with,

“It’s like I’m two different people in the same body!”

“So you want to be called Aleeah?”

To which she responds, “Yeah!”

Fans of course couldn’t help but notice that Aleeah looks exactly like her Mom and she also looks much older than her actual age.

leah reddit comments
leah comments

Some fans also wondered why they call Aleeah by her middle name and others responded with their thought as to why.

reddit comments

Fans also noticed how great Leah is looking in the video.

leah comments

Both are beautiful and and wow those Messner genes are strong for sure!