Reddit User Asks Teen Mom Fans Hilarious Question About Farrah’s Mom

farrah and mom

We all know that Farrah Abraham is a little crazy, but so is her Mama. Her mother, Debra has been posting some interesting videos of herself singing recently and of course she had that rap album that we’d all like to forget a while ago where she went by the name,”Debz OG”. A Reddit user has asked fans a super serious question about Debra and the responses are hysterical.

debz og

This was the question posed to fans, take a few minutes and choose wisely my friends. Some of the songs are completely unbearable.

reddit question

Fans had some seriously hilarious responses to the question.  Some fans were just flat our savage.

reddit comments debz og

I can’t even…I just can’t.. these are too funny!

debz og comments

If you’re wondering what the results of the poll are so far, it looks like the original classic, Debz OG is in the lead!

debz og results

You can check out this sweet jam and others by Debz OG on her YouTube page.