Teen Mom Fans Seem to Really Hate Dr. Drew And Here’s Why

dr drew teen mom

After the recent Teen Mom Reunion this week, Teen Mom fans are throwing some major shade at the host, Dr. Drew.  The hatred for Dr. Drew is nothing new, but it seems to be getting worse with each reunion episode.

dr. drew reunion

Dr. Drew, AKA Drew Pinksy, is a long time psychologist and has been the host of the Teen Mom specials since the beginning.  He specializes in internal medicine, and addiction medicine.  He has also been the host of numerous other shows, such as a syndicated radio show called, Loveline,  and other tv shows such as Dr. Drew On and CallLifeChangers.   He is also known for his role in other reality tv shows, such as  Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew  and Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. 

So where does the hate for someone who sounds so helpful come from?  This is what the fans have to say about it:

Some of it comes from how he has handled cast members and how he treats them.

Dr. drew

Some of the fans just don’s like him as a person, or his views especially since he became more vocal about his stance on COVID.  

dr drew reddit comments

And there’s more Dr. Drew bashing…  People are really bothered that he is not a “real” psychologist, but specializes in addiction and internal medicine instead.  

dr drew haters

Of course there were a few people who praised him in the comments here and there.

praise for dr drew

Whatever your stance on Dr. Drew, it looks like he’s not going anywhere.  He’s been a longtime staple in all the reunion shows and it looks like its going to stay that way.