Teen Mom Family Reunion Spin Off Accused Of Being Fake And Staging Scenes

Kailyn lowry

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been doing her own reviews of the episodes of the Teen Mom spin off series, Teen Mom: Family Reunion. Kailyn was not part of the spin off series and her reviews have been pretty harsh.

Before filming for the new show began, Kail shared that she turned down the chance to be part of the series.

During her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kail shared with co host, Lindsie Chrisley, that she is definitely not a fan of the new show.

Kail l and lindsie c

Kail shared that she had a tough time even sitting through episodes of the show, but that she was trying not to be “a hater”.

She then revealed that a secret source had told her that many of the scenes are out of order from how they actually happened, and are actually reversed in hopes of causing more drama and making the show more interesting.

Kail also gave some insight into her arch nemesis’ role in the new series. She shared that she knows for a fact that the scene where Briana DeJesus calls her ex/baby daddy, Devoin, to invite him to come was completely staged and that he had been expecting the call.

She told her co host that she had been texting with Devoin and that he had shared this information with her.

briana and devion

Kail said:

“At this point, I will say, Briana has carried the entire show.”

While discussing previous episodes, Kail also said it was a “f*cking snoozefest”.

She said:

“15 minutes into episode 2 and it’s still night one. I was bored and I wrote in my notes that I understand that I’m gonna come off as a huge hater of this show but, like, f**king snoozefest.”

She concluded:

“I’m bored, we need to carry on. And I’m just over it by minute 15.”

Kailyn lowry

Kail’s main complaint was that the show was not what it claimed to be, a therapeutic experience.

She said that the show was an “embarrassment” and was only digging into the “surface level” of therapy.

“I just feel like this is very surface level. This is crap. This is not real therapy and it’s an embarrassment to what real therapy looks like. Because I’m not in therapy talking about something that I like about myself and have other people resonating.”

She continued:

“That’s a joke. That’s so surface level.”