Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Considering Adult Industry After Major Pay-Cut

Kail Lowry

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has plenty of side gigs, like a home décor line and a baby line, and also a couple of podcasts, but since she revealed she hasn’t filmed for the Teen Mom series in months, she’s considering a new business venture in the adult industry.

The star recently did a question and answer session with fans on Instagram.

A fan asked Kail about filming for Teen Mom.

kail not filming

“Are you still not filming?”

Kail replied:

“I haven’t filmed for about 3 months”

Another fan asked about the financial strain that not filming for the Teen Mom series has caused.

“Do you get nervous for not filming? Financially wise?”

Kail pay cut

Kail replied:

“I don’t think anyone WANTS to take a pay-cut. But you can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

You might remember that Kail quit filming for MTV in August after she found out that MTV had contracted with her ex, Chris Lopez to also be filmed and did not discuss the addition with her. Kail called out MTV producers for their “lack of respect” towards her.

Kail and Chris l

A source said this about the situation:

“Kail was not happy that Chris is going to be cashing in on an opportunity created by her.”

So anyways, whats the new venture that Kail is considering?

It’s an adult toy/vibrator line with Baby Mamas, No drama podcast co-host, and ex, Jo Rivera’s wife, Vee Rivera.

A fan asked if she would consider it during the question and answer session Kail did.

“Will you and Vee consider (coming) out with a vibrator collection?”

Kail adult toy

Kail immediately responded:

“This would be fun. @bellasaco” with a bunch if eye emojis.

Looks like we might have a new product line to look forward to from Kail!