Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Will Not Get Weight Loss Surgery

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Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has struggled with her weight throughout most of the show. She has had ups and downs with her weight with each pregnancy, but she admits that most recently she is really struggling with her diet and fitness plans.

In a recent episode of her podcast, “Baby Mamas, No Drama” Kailyn discussed with her friend, Toni, whom was co-hosting with her for this episode, that she had been considering undergoing weight loss surgery.

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Kail previously shared that she was considering the surgery since her weight gain and PCOS diagnosis.

She told her friend Toni:

 “Weight loss surgery or not… I feel like when I don’t feel my best, I don’t even try to look good… There were multiple seasons of the show where I literally rolled out of bed… When you just don’t feel your best you just don’t want to get ready.” 

She continued and told fans that she was going to appointments for the surgery but has now stopped going:

“I need to drop some serious weight. I stopped doing all my appointments for the weight loss surgery…”

When asked why she stopped going, she joked about losing her hair if she did have the surgery since that’s a side effect and that she already has thin hair. Apparently her friend, Toni has had the surgery in the past.

“I don’t have enough hair to loose the hair that you’ve lost. You have so much hair that you could afford to loose some. I can’t. So I just can’t do it…”

She then discussed that she’s not sure that she eve could have the surgery now if she wanted.

“But I’ve also just not shown up to appointments. So I don’t think they would even consider me back if I wanted to.”

Kail had previously discussed her weight gain on her other podcast, Coffee Convos with her co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

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This was shortly after her PCOS diagnosis and she said:

“I got emotional about the weight gain aspect of it… I’m still in that overwhelmed state of mind. I can’t get a grip on changing my diet because I don’t have an everyday routine…:

“I am struggling. I’d be lying if I said I got the diagnosis, and I started right away exactly what I needed to do because I do know what I need to do. It’s not an issue of knowing what I need to do…”

Kailyn also shared on a PCOS podcast that her weight gain was really rapid and its been a difficult transition:

kail weight gain

“I’m talking in two weeks I couldn’t fit into my jeans anymore. I literally panicked.”

“Being in the public eye and kind of dealing with this right now has been harder than I thought.”

Hopefully Kail can get her diet and fitness back on track and get healthy and happy again soon.