Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry And Ex Javi Are Going Into Business Together

kail and javi business

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry hasn’t exactly had the best of relationships with her ex husband Javi Marroquin. After rumors that the two were possibly getting back together, we now learned that they are planning on going into business together. Many fans think its a bad idea.

kail and javi

You might remember that the two had planned on going into business together before.

They told fans that they were writing a book together about their divorce. The book plan/business lasted about 3 days and they were feuding again over random drama.

And don’t forget, they have also had some physical violence in their relationship. Who can forget the episode where Kail punched Javi in the face. This happened before the couple even tied the knot. They were having a heated argument about their dogs that turned physical, although the violence was one sided.

Kail hits javi

The pair took to Instagram to do a live video to announce their new business partnership.

Javi started the video and told fans he had a new business idea and he was waiting for is new partner to come on the live video to help him make the announcement.

Then Kail came on the screen with their son, Lincoln.

kail and javi live

They told fans that they are starting a business together called Lethal Speed Training Camp. Apparently its a training camp for a bunch of sports and is focused on training young athletes to be faster, like the name implies.

The idea came about after they hired a trainer named Steve Gonzalez (AKA Speedy) to help their son, Lincoln train. They apparently were so impressed and believed in him so much that they decided to venture into this business with him.

The pair want to take the camp nationwide and plan on having the first camp session in August in their home state of Delaware.

When a fans started commenting about the pairs rocky relationship, and their failed book venture, Javi was quick to comment back that its purely about their son Lincoln, and helping other kids.

Hopefully the pair can keep their relationship friendly and about business. It sounds like it could be a cool idea if they can actually get along and make it work.  Good luck!