Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Tries to Explain Reason She Was Not In Recent Episode, But Fans Call BS

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Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been a staple on the hit show Teen Mom since the beginning, so fans definitely took notice when she was not on the most recent episode of the show. Kailyn took to Instagram to try to “clear the air” about her lack of footage, but fans are calling her explanation BS.

Its well known that Kailyn has had physical altercations with her exes in the past and fans are convinced that its the reason why she wasn’t on the episode. Specifically because she didn’t want to be shown having a physical fight with her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, and that’s what the footage would have been of.

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In Kailyn’s Instagram explanation she said:

“I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should address this or not, mainly because all of our contracts actually say that we can’t make statements about the episodes and the network and things like that without having it approved, but since other people are kind of just making false allegations or not making true statements I just kind of wanted to clear the air.

So I will explain why I’m not in tonight’s episode and it’s really not that big of a deal.

So I chose not to participate in tonight’s episode because I didn’t feel like the content that was being asked for was genuine or authentic to who I am, and furthermore I don’t feel like I should be making a story line out oh Chris or Javi, or Joe if I don’t feel like that is truly as much a part of my life as it would be made to seem on the show.  I have a lot of things going on for me business wise, my house, my kids.  Things like that that I wanted to film and they really weren’t interested so while I was told initially that I was going to be in all 12 episodes, it ended up that I wasn’t in tonight’s episode.

So I’m trying to say this so it makes sense because the timeline is a little weird.  It initially went from I wont be in all 12 episodes, do I want to film the content they are asking for, I said “No”, and truthfully I make more money for my podcast than I do on a episode of Teen Mom, so for me it just doesn’t feel right and I accepted the fact that there was a possibility that  wasn’t going to be in tonight’s episode and then a few days later they were like “No, you’ll be in all 12 it’s fine.”  So I was like “okay, cool”, either way I wasn’t going to make a big deal about not being in one episode. And then I got the email this morning with the episode I wasn’t in.  I didn’t watch it, but I asked “is this the episode that I’m not going to be in” and they confirmed. So I’m just giving my side

Nobody cut me out.  It had nothing to do with Briana and jade.  It had nothing to do with Briana having more going on than me, its literally that I chose not to film thigs that did not feel genuine to me or my story and truly choosing my peace of mind over a paycheck. And I have the ability to be authentic and be unscripted and be real on my podcast and I want to continue filming of teen mom so long as that it feels genuine and real and if it doesn’t, then that’s okay for me to skip out on an episode.  And I’m glad that we were able to work out my storyline for the rest of the season.”

Seems like a pretty long winded response if its such a minor deal.  It was literally so much of a big deal to her that she actually went back to add more with an additional Instagram post a little while later.

In the next one, she basically just said that she’s “still happy for the girls” and that she just wasn’t in this episode and that no one should be upset or spreading false rumors about her and her situation.

Fans are pretty convinced that the footage would have shown her not treating Chris Lopez very well and that she just didn’t want that shown.

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Other fans think that MTV could have and should have just aired the footage.  

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Seems like fans want to see the drama, not the boring stuff. With ratings no the show dropping like flies, MTV should really listen to the fans.