Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry’s Son In ER For Head Injury

kail and creed

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is currently vacationing with her 4 sons in relaxing Punta Cana, but that didn’t stop the chaos occurring.

The Teen Mom star shared on her podcast, Coffee Convos, that she had to rush her youngest son, Creed to the ER after an unfortunate incident.

kail podcast

She explained that he is at that age where he is beginning to climb things and he’s pretty quick to do it.

“Let me just say, Creed is fine. He’s perfectly fine. But he’s scaling things. I went to put him down and he went to go grab the edge of the table to like scale it.”

She went on to explain in further detail what happened:

“The table caught the corner of his eyebrow and they did take him up at the emergency room. They put little butterfly stitches on him.”

She then added sarcastically:

“He’s good, he’s fine, but what an amazing trip so far.”

Kail started the trip by posting a photo of her and the boys and captioned it:

“Kail & the chaos head to Punta Cana”

kail and kids head to pc

Kailyn has repeatedly been trying to coin the phrase “Kail & the Chaos”, and it looks like it might fit.  But honestly, what do you expect when you are travelling to a foreign country with 4 small children.  Of course there is going to be some craziness involved.

Kail has shared lots of fun photos throughout the trip.

She shared this one and asked fans if they think she should let her oldest son Isaac drive.

kails kids golf cart

She also shared this one of her and all four of her boys hanging out in matching black shirts that show awareness for rare diseases.  As we know, Kail suffers from a rare disease herself, PCOS.

KAil and her boys

And this awesome beach pic of her and the boys.  The beach looks so beautiful.

kail and the boys on beach

Looks like Kail and the boys are having a great time despite the chaos happening.