These Are The Secret ‘Teen Mom’ Hobbies You Didn’t Know About

Our favorite ‘Teen Mom’ stars lead interesting lives and most of them do have hobbies besides the ones shown in the series.

A great deal of them is engaging in physical endeavors and they’re doing extremely well!

What’s better than a fit mom?!

Chelsea’s passion for lifting


Chelsea Houska is one of those moms that can always surprise you, and her hobby interests are definitely a big surprise.

The 28-year-old mom is into weight-lifting and various physical efforts.

Apparently, Chelsea had to work hard in order to restore her body to a condition found before she gave birth to her babies.

“Laying here..thinking about the glory days of high school when I would eat a bagel dipped in ranch, fries&cookies for lunch& still be fit AF,” Chelsea shared on social media.

“I hope teenagers really appreciate their metabolisms. I’m only [27] and I already gain 5lb just from eating a carrot,” she said at the time.

Besides weight-lifting, Chelsea added cardio exercies and kickboxing to her workout routine.

“Decided to add a little more cardio to my routine. 3 days Crossfit 2 days kickboxing…”


“Tryin to get those nice legs and buns,” Houska flaunted on Instagram.

Amber’s boxing tryouts


“Amber is channeling her energy into a new hobby…”

Recently featured on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’, Amber’s new home may grow into a strong passion with time due.

She tried out boxing as a part of her routine to try and get out ‘aggression’ out of her body.

“It started to help me to get this aggression out… I appreciate what it did for me,” she said of her physical efforts.

Moreover, Amber also meditates as it helps her to stay positive and calm.


“I’m done with my nightly music routine and meditation so time for the makeup to come off!! Long day and finally tired but worth the time,” she recently posted on Instagram.

Farrah’s boxing efforts


Amber Portwood isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star that tried out boxing.

Although an ex-‘Teen Mom’ star, Farrah Abraham managed to capture the media’s attention by announcing her all-star celebrity boxing match.

At the time, she was training hard for the match but it eventually got canceled out, due to a dispute.

Leah’s softball team


In her spare time, Leah takes her daughters to softball games and it’s a beautiful pastime hobby!

“Ali & Aleeah ready for their small opening season ceremony & first game! Let’s go girls!” she posted on Instagram.

Kailyn & her son’s hobby


Little did we know, Kailyn was previously an active Jiu-Jitsu trainee.

Kailyn Lowry first notified her fans of the practice in 2015, since then a lot of things have changed.

As it happens, Kailyn didn’t leave out the discipline completely since her son Isaac is an active trainee and she supports him in every step of the way.


Maci’s mud run


In case you didn’t know, ‘mud running’ is definitely a thing.

It’s not a common occurrence but when it does happen – it’s a glory to behold.

The before and after pictures speak to themselves and we can definitely understand why it’s called the ‘mud run.’