Chelsea Houska Opens Up About A ‘Scary’ Fan Encounter At Her Home

Being a celebrity or a public figure isn’t always as easy as people think. The ‘job’ comes with many pros but there are also cons which can affect the celebs and their families. The most exposed celebrities are the ones participating in reality TV series, such as Teen Mom, Big Brother and so on…


As one of the most popular ‘Teen Mom’ cast members, Chelsea has to deal with a lot of things, especially when she’s in public. We all remember what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris, so you can never be ‘too safe’ so to speak.


Chelsea continued expressing the negative side of being a public figure by saying: “It makes us really uncomfortable.”

Fans react to Chelsea’s statement

As crazy as it sounds, being a celebrity isn’t that much of a good thing, privacy-wise.


When Chelsea tweeted about the incident, fans were flying in with things like “Omg that’s crossing the line… scary & disrespectful…”

To that, Houska replied with “Unfortunately it’s been happening enough lately where I just felt like I had to say something.”

“When I was pregnant with Watson I had someone come to my door, I answered thinking it was ups or FedEx w a package,” she continued.

“They proceeded to touch my pregnant belly and ask me personal questions about my life.”

Kailyn Lowry also chimed in, saying that it wasn’t ok: “Thank you for tweeting this!!!! Agreed.”

Chelsea’s new home

The DeBoer family is no longer living in their old ‘Teen Mom’ home, instead, they’ve moved on and sold it.

The specific reason for the sale wasn’t outlined, although fans creeping up on her might have been one of them.

Family’s new security update

Unfortunately, the DeBoer family got shook upon returning to the home after a family vacation.

“We realized our house was broken into while we were gone,” Chelsea said of the incident.

Her husband, Cole, was supportive and took it as a serious issue.

“She walked back to our room and she came out and she went white,” he revealed.

“Our master bedroom closet was absolutely destroyed. S**t everywhere. Bins dumped. I just instantly freaked,” the 27-year-old mom revealed.

Despite staying calm throughout the situation, Cole was infuriated by the burglary.

“Seeing them terrified, I think I was the most pissed I’ve ever been,” the dad revealed.

Houska revealed that she was suffering from anxiety attack episodes, saying it was a mixture of things that caused it.

” I think it was a mixture of postpartum and the robbery. I think it was a mixture of a lot of things.”

After the incident, the family applied security measures to their home, installing cameras and alarm systems.