Chelsea Houska’s 5-Bedroom South Dakota Home Is Something Else (New Photos)

Being a reality-TV star isn’t always an easy task or what some consider a ‘job,’ but it is rewarding in long-term.

Chelsea Houska joined the likes of MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ back in 2009, and has been filming since then.


Chelsea became a homeowner for the first time ever back in 2014.

“Officially a homeowner”, she said at the time.

Back then, Houska dropped $228,000 on the 2,500 sq ft home.


The 27-year-old ‘Teen Mom’ star went through the renovation process along with her husband, Cole DeBoer.

Despite all of that, the home wasn’t sufficient enough for the ever-growing DeBoer family.

A new place to be


The DeBoer family welcomed their newest member, baby Layne, back in August of 2018.

Since the family’s child-o-meter hit 3, it was time to upgrade!

Reportedly, their old South Dakota home was sold for $280,000 in October 2018, and the family bought a new one for $418,000.

The business transaction was done with the help of the ‘RASE,’ Realtor Association of the Sioux Empire.

With their ever-growing family in mind, Chelsea & Cole decided to purchase this 1,966 sq ft home featuring five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a three-way car garage.


The home spans across six acres of land and stands as a perfectly viable option for their pet needs.

Chelsea and her family own multiple dogs, chickens, and a pig!


“They really wanted a house with more room and acreage for animals in the country,” a source said to Radar Online.


The home’s bathroom is somewhat simplistic in nature, with a curtain-closed tub and wooden drawers.

This is the home’s wooden-cabinets themed kitchen.


The bird-eye view shows the family’s land and the surrounding area.


Video preview of the home

Having a beautiful home is certainly a thing to brag about, although might not always be the best scenario.

Chelsea and her family usually don’t flaunt around with their wealth, yet they somehow find themselves in slightly ‘uncomfortable’ situations.

The family reportedly discovered that their home was raided earlier this year, upon returning from a vacation.

Houska asked the fans back in 2017 to not come to their home, but it clearly wasn’t enough to stop the burglars.

Chelsea’s fellow co-star, Kailyn, seemed to agree with her statement:

“Thank you for tweeting this!!!! Agreed”— Kailyn Lowry (@KailLowry)

Update: Already moving?

After having their home robbed and being scared and anxious about the recent happenings, Cole and Chelsea decided that it might be time to move again.

Apparently, their new home is going to be around 40 minutes of travel time from their last location.

The new home is still in the process of being constructed, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as the DeBoer family settles in the new nest.