‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Cast Reunited For A Photoshoot And It’s Magnificent

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding is a romantic comedy movie that premiered on June 20, 1997. The movie itself was a huge commercial hit, scoring over $120 million domestically. The cast of the movie hasn’t been together since the hot ’90s, but Entertainment Weekly decided to act upon that and bring the whole cast together, for old times’ sake.


“So fun to spend the day with some of my Best Friends,” Julia Roberts wrote on Instagram.

Julia’s fellow co-star, Cameron Diaz, also praised the reunion, teasing the fans with ‘so this happened..’

Entertainment Weekly posted a couple of pictures on their official Instagram account, while the rest sits at ew.com

Finally together

Dermont Mulroney: Before


Dermont Mulroney: After 20 years!


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ronald Bass (writer) speaks out on how amazing it is that the movie is still relevant these days. “Young people today watch this, and if I’m with somebody who I meet, who’s not in our business at all, it’s the first movie they talk about.”

“They always say:” ‘It’s one of my favorite films.’

“We said a little prayer and reunited the cast of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding”

The reunion clip, via Entertainment Weekly