Sicily IKEA Store Turns Itself Into A Dog Sanctuary For The Time Being

There are IKEA stores all over the globe, but this specific IKEA store located in Catania, Italy, did something heartwarming. A lady from Italy, Martine Taccia, was just scrolling through her local IKEA store when she found a bunch of stray dogs lying around.


Turns out that this specific IKEA story in Catania, Italy, had turned itself into a “living room” for stray dogs. The situation with stray dogs in Italy isn’t exactly pleasant, with over 700,000 stray dogs in Sicily, according to “Adopt a Sicilian Stray.”


As a result of the hard situation, the Catanian IKEA store decided to do something heartwarming and turn itself into a dogs sanctuary, for a limited time, of course. The IKEA store has now adopted an unofficial slogan, saying that “A perfect living room is where we find our four-legged friend to expect us at the end of the day.”

Watch the video below

Source: Furniture Store Sets Up Living Area for Stray Dogs by ViralHog

The creator of the heartwarming video, Martine Taccia, said that “My reaction was of sheer amazement as this is not a common thing. People are drawn to the dogs and love engaging with them. The dogs receive daily food and pampering from Ikea employees and customers as they take shelter from the cold.”