This Hospital Gets Kids Mini Cars So They Would Handle The Surgery Process Easier

Hospitals are usually a ‘terrifying’ place for both adults and kids, but this hospital is adapting to kids’ needs really well.

Doctors Medical Center

‘Doctors Medical Center’ is a Modesto-based specialty hospital that provides healthcare to the people of Central Valley. It is also notorious for its accommodation when it comes their youngest patients.


A method of crushing fears

When parents find out that their kid might need surgery, it isn’t an especially nice event. Kids aren’t too fond of the idea either, so the hospital’s administration managed to come up with something that puts both parents and kids at ease.

“When the children find out they can go into the operating room riding in a cool little car, they light up and in most cases, their fears melt away,” hospital’s spokesperson told CBS news.

“It can be traumatizing for a young patient to be peeled away from their parents as they head into surgery, this truly helps everyone involved.”

“With a little passenger in tow, Caroline takes our new pink Beetle for a spin! Doctors Medical Center now has two little cars available for our young surgical patients to ride into the operating room. We can see the stress and anxiety melt away when they hop in the car ❤”

What a nice method of dealing with pain!