Nathan Griffith’s Update On Son Kaiser Is Heartwarming

In the light of recent happenings at the home of Jenelle Evans & her husband, David, three of their children were removed by Child Protective Services.

One of them was Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, whom she shares with Nathan Griffith.


Despite being separated from her children, Jenelle still isn’t losing hope.

In fact, she’s giving out ‘positive’ vibes over on social media, on Instagram especially.

“…With everything that has been going on lately, I’ve come to realize a child’s love for their mother will never fade,” she said.

“No distance, not time, no person can change that special love. This necklace was given to me by my little bubba, Kaiser,” she continued.

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Adding that:

“He told me he wanted mommy to “match his”.”

A happy family


With Jenelle & David being out of the picture, Nathan’s little family appears to be thriving. They recently posted a series of pictures on Instagram, showcasing Kaiser’s happy moments on the beach.

A close friend of Nathan’s recently revealed to Hollywood Life that Nathan and GF Ashley are meant for each other.

“I’ve been around for Nathan’s prior relationships after Jenelle and nobody has ever supported him the way Ashley does. She truly cares about not only him,” the source claimed.

“She wants to make sure that all of his kids are taken care of and that she’s taken care of,” the reveal continued.

“Nathan tells me all the time within the next year he wants to propose to her. He’s never had anyone who supports him like she does,” the source continued.

Fans react


Seeing Kaiser with his father, Nathan, didn’t leave the ‘Teen Mom’ fans heartless.

“He’s so happy! Don’t let him go back to that hell house,” one fan wrote.

“I hope Kaiser stays with his dad Nathan is a good dad and now he’s found a good girlfriend,” someone chimed in.

“I hope you get to keep him and I pray that the judge takes into account the difference in the way that Kaiser looks with you guys,” another fan wrote.

Nathan’s update


Speaking of Nathan’s relationship with Kaiser, the source revealed that:

“Nathan’s just like, ‘It’s OK dude, you’re 4. You’re allowed to cry, you’re allowed to be a boy and not get in trouble for those things.”

Apparently, Nathan managed to get Kaiser out of his comfort zone and speak out on recent happenings back at home.

“Kaiser is so happy, you can just tell the difference in him,” the source added.