‘Sweat & Tears’ These ‘Teen Mom’ Gym Photos Are Going to Make You Want To Work Out (Photos)

Going to the gym is considered to be a noble activity of the 21st century and even moms are catching up to the trend.

It’s mainly the celebrities who promote the ‘healthy’ lifestyle with a balanced diet, but even your favorite ‘small-time’ stars are into the lifestyle.

‘Teen Mom’ gym sessions – Jenelle


Jenelle Evans takes great care of her body, especially after giving birth to her daughter, Ensley.

She’s now off the show but that doesn’t mean she’s off her exercise routine. She’s been known to hit the gym every once in a while and even promoted fitness supplements ‘310 Shake.’


“Jenelle works out two to three days a week in the gym and does two muscle groups a day,” a source revealed to Radar Online.

Chelsea Houska


The world of fitness and deadlifting isn’t unfamiliar to Chelsea Houska. The 28-year-old mom is a heavy hitter when it comes to working out and maintaining that slim figure.

Besides weight-lifting, Chelsea added cardio exercises and kickboxing to her workout routine.

“Decided to add a little more cardio to my routine. 3 days Crossfit 2 days kickboxing…”

Kailyn Lowry


Kailyn Lowry is proud of her ‘curvy’ figure but at the same time, she’s not allowing her body weight to be a health issue.


She’s acknowledging that she’s not an athlete-shaped woman but she’s still trying to make it work.

“We know I’m not an extraordinary athlete but I’ve been trying and it feels like I’m not seeing the progress at the pace that I expected so it has me feeling extra emotional right now,” she wrote on Instagram.

Adding that, “…feeling humbled because I’m still not where I want to be. In due time.”

Mackenzie McKee


Mackenzie McKee recently joined the cast of ‘Teen Mom: OG’ and has been getting lots of positive attention lately.

Despite going through a breakup with her husband Josh, she still manages to keep on track when it comes to her fitness routine.