Chelsea Houska Reveals Her Biggest Fear And Source Of Anxiety

We all have fears and some of them are really ridiculous, a mom’s greatest fear is usually somehow related to her babies, and this time it isn’t any different. Chelsea Houska revealed her greatest fear on twitter and it’s really amusing.


Chelsea’s fears

“I have a REAL fear of a spider ever being on my baby….I honestly don’t know what I would do! WTF DO YOU DO IN THAT SITUATION,” she tweeted out.


“Im also scared that me thinking about this is going to cause it to happen. Make it stop” she continued.

“These are the things I stress about haha,” Chelsea added, to the amusement of the fans.

“I just saw a spider and told Cole he’s spraying the shit out of our house this weekend lol,” Chelsea said.

“Maybe not freak out so he isn’t a freak like you about a little spider?” Rany Houska commented on the post.

Chelsea’s not-so-funny fear


The first one was really fun, but her second fear is not that funny at all. In the many interviews with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Chelsea stated that Adam’s behavior could affect Aubree in a negative way.

“I’m grateful that [Aubree] has someone like Cole,” she confessed to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“You know, who has gone above and beyond. But there’s no doubt that this has to hurt her, will hurt her, deep down someday,” she added.

As for Adam, Houska commented: “The one thing that I have heard is that he will be like in his house for weeks at a time, just not even doing anything. So you have to question what’s going on there.”