Jerry O’Connel’s Car-Singing To His Kids Is Awfully Funny

You might know the once-famous Hollywood actor Jerry O’Connel from his glory days of filming and premiering the movie: “Kangaroo Jack.’


The movie premiered in 2003 and scored over $88 million in the cumulative worldwide gross.

Jerry O’Connel and Anthony Anderson were the main protagonists of the movie whilst Christoper Walken was cast for the ‘bad guy.’

Singing, badly


Jerry’s Hollywood career is still far from over, as the 45-year-old dad still does voice-over work for many of the films and series.

When he’s not in the studio, he tries his best to annoy the children.

O’Connel took to Twitter and shared a video of him singing to his kids.

“Teach Your Children.”

Needless to say, kids didn’t enjoy it very much so.