Women Ditch Their DIY Hair Routine Just To Realize That They Are Beautiful Without It

Young people usually ‘freak out’ if they ever find just an instance of grey hair on their heads, but these ladies have found an inspiring way to celebrate theirs. Grombre is a “Silver Hair Community;” that is celebrating grey hair, as simple as that.


Grombre has a huge following on Instagram and they’re just getting started. “Let your silver do the talking,” is their website motto (grombre.com).

They describe their brand as: “A radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair.”

Embracing the silver


The Grombre community is full of stories on how embracing the silver can be really empowering.

“I got my first gray streak right in the front center of my hair. It seemed my Mom and I were the only ones to appreciate my boldness and the trendsetter I pride myself on the gray/silver began.

Of course I got the “you would look younger if you dye your hair.” Me being an older parent, my young son thought the gray/silver hair made me look older than his dyed hair classmates mothers. For his sake , after it got more streaks I decided to put a rinse on my hair. I did it twice, it was beautiful and I looked younger but quickly realized that at my age I wanted to look great not necessary younger,” a community member shared.


“This is my hair! It was difficult to accept at 13, but at 23, I love it!”


“I am Natália and my hair were slowly turning grey since high school. Then because of the stupid comments I dyed my hair for few years until I was about 23. After that I let my natural hair grow and somehow, suddenly, it turned out to be much greyer than I expected, but I found it pretty cool, For a while it was still a bit shocking, mostly due my young age, but now, I am receiving questions like “who is my hairdresser” and “how do I do it,” Natalia submitted her story to grombre.com.